Graphic Design, the Art of Persuasion

At its most fundamental, its essence, graphic design is the art of persuasion.

Good design not only enhances the viewer's experience, it compels him to action. Be it to amuse, convince, educate, entertain, inform, intrigue or sell - all visual messages require proper design or risk becoming irrelevant.

Order from Chaos, a Graphic Designer's Dream

Graphic messages constantly bombard our senses. The average American is exposed to over 3,500 graphic images daily. It is the graphic designer's job to bring order out of this chaos, to create something uniquely personal that communicates to everyone and everybody. Information architecture builds on the basic design tenant: 'form follows function'. Creating intelligible messages out of a chaos of clutter is what we do best at iDig Design.

The Message is not the Medium

Graphic design applies aesthetic harmony and structure arranging the users experience so that he is fully aware of what the message is without the graphics getting in the way. At iDig Design we believe that good design asserts itself but great design persuades.





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