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Web Promotion Tips

Search Engine Optimzation -
Make sure to research the potential advantages as well as the damage that an irresponsible SEO can do to your site

Google Webmaster Tools
How do I get my site listed on Google?
Before you can build a site that appeals to spiders, you need to understand how a spider sees your site.
Submit your site to more than 300,000 search engines and directories.
Great articles on how search engines find and rank web pages, registration and submission tips, reviews.

Great place to start. Search for the perfect domain name or register your domain.

Viral Marketing
The six basic elements to include in a successful viral marketing strategy.

Analysis Tools

Free Linkchecker Tools
Great tool for checking links to your site and effect on page rank. Can be set to show the number of links on a page, anchor text, and no follows. Be patient.

Check your Dead Links
This spider crawls your web site and checks all your links identifing broken links in need of repair. Can take a while so pour a cup of coffee and read the paper and let it do its thing.

Keyword Density Check
This handy keyword density analysis tool gives you a qick glimpse at how any page on your site is optimized for key words.
Solutions for managing, securing and analyzing all key components of your enterprise computing infrastructure.

Web analytics and online business intelligence.
Designed to enhance your Internet presence and visibility through integrated tactical measures.

A system developed to help define key visitor activities, measure visitor success, improve site design, and demonstrate return on website investments.

Web Hosting
Excellent hosting service with real people that answer the phone!. Our current internet service provider and we highly recommend them!

Good search engine, "the Web's largest web hosting directory".

Web Hosting
Hosting network directory

Technical and Hardware Info
Information source for the Electronic Engineering industry.

The JavaScript Source
Free JavaScripts provided.

A worldwide guide to growing e-businesses you can trust.

Directory of Illustration
Great Illustrations, landscapes, pastels, oils, watercolors


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cpa alliance


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Screen shot of interactive Flash presentation for Relate Corporation

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