What is Multimedia?

Multimedia productions began to get popular in the 1970's The original “Multi-Media" productions were little more than slide-shows with an audio track or film-based presentations. Today the shortened term "multimedia" includes instant messaging, video teleconferencing, desktop video, DVD, CBT, touch screens, electronic business cards, even web browsing fits under its multidimensional umbrella. Multimedia is indeed, using Hemingway's phrase, "a movable feast".

Multimedia on the Web

The term multimedia describes the marriage of visual & audio technologies used to communicate a variety of concepts including entertainment, education, and advertising. How and where the consumer experiences the finished project can greatly affect its quality and persuasiveness. On the internet these sometimes limiting demands can put strains on the design and deployment of any multimedia presentation.

Our Solution

Every business has different needs, budgets, and time constraints. iDig Design’s professional development and design consultants can show you the best most cost efficient technologies to use for your unique message.



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