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Marketing Ego

Volume 2 – Edition 2
Increase your leads with
a well-crafted sales letter

One of the most effective sales letters in history
was written by master copywriter Martin Conroy.
by Naomi Finkel

Internet Marketing
Choosing a Domain Name

A good domain name should convey your brand, business,
and professionalism.
by Mark Koep


Marketing Ego

Volume 2 – Edition 1
Internet marketing -
Selecting the proper key word

In the internet marketing world keywords are the core drivers to connecting relevant searches with services.
by Mark Koep

Out of the box PR & marketing
Interestingly, many small to mid-size business owners don’t know that they can take advantage of the information age this way.
by Merrill Hope


Marketing Ego

Volume 1 – Edition 2
Can you prosper doing what you're doing?
Effective leadership sometimes can mean questioning your own attitudes and looking outside of yourself and your business.
by Stephen W. Frueh PhD

Sell your story with an image
Enhance your marketing with effective image selection.
by Scott Young, photographer


Local Internet Marketing

Volume 1 – Edition 1
Internet marketing for local businesses
Utilizing the internet to reach local customers.
by Mark Koep, internet marketer

Your USP is your brand image
One of the most important key elements of building a business is positioning... And how do savvy marketers build these perceptions?
by Naomi Finkel, copywriter

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