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Internet Marketing by Mark Keop
Local businesses should take notice; your customers may no longer use the media you are advertising in. All reports and data demonstrate that consumers are utilizing the internet at an ever-increasing rate. The problem for local businesses, until recently, was effectively utilizing the internet to reach local customers. This problem has been solved and intelligent local businesses are benefiting from the change.

The holy grail of local marketing products for the last fifty years has been the Yellow Pages. Two and a half years ago Google and Yahoo began an assault on this bastion of local marketing by creating local directories. For local businesses this move by the internet companies has created a huge marketing opportunity. Suddenly a local business, even those without web sites, can

Local Internet Marketing
Target local search results
to maximize ROI

reach the top of the search engines when relevant searches are logged. As the years have passed these directories have been improved to the point where they now allow businesses to post basic contact information, photos, descriptions, and customer reviews. The end result is the virtual elimination of the need to advertise in the Yellow Pages.

In addition to the advances in local directories, Google and Yahoo have recently provided businesses with the ability to run advertising campaigns targeted specifically to a local market. This new type of targeting allows businesses to bid on major keywords (i.e. Lawyer, Restaurant, Real Estate) within a local market (i.e. 10 mile radius from your store). The result is a highly targeted advertising campaign reaching only potential local customers. The improved targeting of marketing messages allows local businesses to better budget their advertising expenses and test marketing messages.

The trends in demographics will not reverse away from the internet. It is now up to local businesses to adapt to these changes and meet their potential customers online. The tools have improved to the point where a quality marketing campaign can be implemented through internet search engines once dedicated to national markets. Local businesses can now effectively target local customers via the internet and reach the customers they are missing in traditional media.

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Welcome Message

Hi and welcome to the first edition of Design & Marketing Vision. In each issue you’ll find Tips & Tactics from professional designers, copywriters, sales coaches, internet marketers, ad agencies and other experts in the field of marketing. You’ll learn how to:

  • create dynamic marketing messages
  • use design to build your brand
  • inspire your business team
  • draw prospects into your web site
  • stand out from your competitors
  • and more!
We want this to be a “living” resource and as such, we hope you’ll participate by e-mailing the editor with any ideas or comments. The best ideas will be published along with your contact info in future editions.

In the meantime, our goal is to help you increase your profits by sharpening your vision and keeping your marketing plans in focus!


Dan Grant

With a unique selling proposition,
you are really motivating your
consumer to respond.

Your USP is Your
Branding Message

by Naomi Finkel
Say It With Words

Those of us in the “biz” call it your USP, Unique Selling Proposition. Just like your familiar UPS, your USP helps you deliver increased recognition, identity and profits. How? By giving your business a positioning statement and personality that makes you stand out from your competition!

One of the most important key elements of building a business is positioning... how you wish to be perceived by your target group. Positioning says to your consumer, “This is what makes us the leaders in our field and here’s how you can benefit by using our product or service.” It is a trust in the consumer’s mind that makes you stand out from your competition. And how do savvy marketers build these perceptions? With USP.

I will give you some examples how this is done, starting with how I developed by own USP. There are many talented copywriters around, so I asked myself, what USP for Say It With Words will distinguish my agency from other copywriters? Sometimes we are so close to our own business, it is difficult to be objective. However after some extensive research, studying the promotional materials of other copywriters, I realized that the greatest benefit to my clients is my skill as a copywriter with a strong background in marketing. With this insight, my USP is now the tag line, “Specializing in innovative corporate communications and marketing strategies.”

Just as there are lots of talented copywriters, there are lots of Internet providers, and electronic gizmos, and consultants, and non-profit organizations, and travel agents, and universities, and retail stores... and don’t they all do about the same thing? On the surface, it may appear that way. To develop your USP: be objective, talk to your clients and analyze your competition. Maybe you and your competitors offer the same services, but there has to be one important perception you publicize... that becomes your USP. Years ago, Wheaties used the phrase, “The breakfast of champions.” Familiar athletes were shown on the box of cereal. Athletes eat many different cereals, but this became a powerful USP for Wheaties. By association, we assumed we will become champions if we eat Wheaties. GE has “We bring good things to life,” and United Airlines uses “Fly the friendly skies of United.” Now Cheerios cereal claims it can help you fight high cholesterol and features a heart on the package.

What is the distinctive phrase that makes you stand out from your competition? With a unique selling proposition, you are really motivating your consumer to respond. You let them know you have that very special talent or magic ingredient that will add value to their life or business. And as we all remember in the dating game, to attract others you need a good opening line

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