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This very cool Flash splash screen for Rusnak Westlake is one of our favorites. Rusnak was looking for a fun, energetic feel to appeal to the sports car enthusiast in the Thousand Oaks area. The solution, a freeway running through wooded hills. The home page's interactive movie features billboard rollovers for each car model in which they shine their headlights on their respective billboard and then race off.
This eye-catching Flash splash screen for Relate's capabilities CD features a fast paced sequence of images, movement and sound to reinforce the company's image as a multimedia enterprise. The rest of the program focused on the company's capabilities incorporating movement and sound with full audio narration. Designed for CD-ROM, the splash screen movie was also used as a background loop at trade shows. The entire program was later re-compressed and ported to the internet.
Training program for USGA Forest Service to teach fire fighters the ins and outs of airport security. A Flash 5 program, it includes a low budget, entertaining introductory animated cartoon (shown) and streaming video to illustrate key points.

Take a look and listen to the Flash animated instructions showing how to use Alfi's EZ cutter to open up a carton of chips without damging the contents inside.


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